• Testimony to the Fatherless

    A Powerful Healing Workshop

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    Watch to learn the impact of fatherless children who grow up to be adult sized fatherless children if the father wound isn't addressed.

  • Testimony to the Fatherless
    Overcoming the Six Effects of Growing Up Without Dad

    Psalm 68: 5
    A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, Is God in His holy habitation.

    About the Program

    A father, by definition, is a source, creator, originator, and the person who is selected by God to initiate a family.

    In the last three decades there has been a significant decline on the involvement of fathers with their children, due to various psychological, economical and cultural factors. Men and Women, while in need of much respect, honor and affirmation, are not aware of how this sole issue affects their power in the Lord and in Life as Adults.

    This workshop is not blame on men, but to esteem the tremendous need for a father in one’s life. The deep voids of fatherless cause many sin patterns such as high sexual immorality, financial struggles, addictions, explosive anger, issues at work, behavioral and mental problems in children, less cognitive function in children, and highly dysfunctional relational problems.


    The time is now to address how the Lord can overcome this issue, by first bringing the awareness of the issue and a course of action to create powerful change in one’s life, it is Jendayi Harris’s mission to share her testimony in how the Lord helped and healed these deep voids and dysfunctions.


    Through a dynamic , researched, and Word formulated presentation that is full of life, she will work with Male and Female elders in the church to create a start to healing this deep void and pain of not having an emotionally available or present father.

    Key teaching points addressed:

    • The problem: a statistical overview of effects of Fatherlessness
    • Societal impact
    • The Role and Power of a Father
    • Taking Responsibility
    • The orphan spirit
    • How it effects relationships with same sex, opposite sex, self, and God
    • Symptoms of a Fatherless Son or Daughter
    • Voids & Sin patterns
    • Dysfunctions relationally, financially, mentally, and emotionally
    • What healing looks and feels like, how to know one is gaining fruits of the Spirit
    • Strategies for Single Mothers
    • Key steps to Victory
    • Forgiveness Prayer healing – Elders used to stand in the gap for fatherly blessing

    Presented in Keynote, 2 hour Workshop, and 8 Week Course Formats.

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  • Testimonials

    From Feedback at local Denver Non Profits and Churches

    "I received a deep healing at the workshop."

    B. Loving | Denver, CO (Workshop Participant)

    “Thank you so very much! I received a deep healing at the workshop. I really appreciate the list of Resources and Information on future workshops. I am 74 years old and have had therapy in the past.
    Because of your Workshop the blame, shame, anger and resentment about my father have been resolved. I am Aware, Accept, and I am ready to address the Adult Child Issues. Healing is a Process not an Event!
    Thank you! God Bless You!”

    "A giant stepping stone...from shackles of rejection"

    A. Smith | Denver, CO (Workshop Participant)

    “The course relating to the father issues has greatly impacted my understanding on the extent of damage that I have endured since childhood, because of this deficit. This course has helped me to connect to the inner pain that I have attempted to suffocate through the abuse of food and other addictions. By connecting with the pain, it has given me a sense of subtle freedom and has unraveled another layer in my healing journey. I would consider this class to be a giant stepping stone for those who are wanting to be free from the shackles of rejection and torment that can come from being fatherless, whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually. I would highly recommend this course to both young and mature audiences.”


    "As a therapist...provides material to utilize in the counseling process."

    B. Clark-Dandridge, MA | Denver, CO (Workshop Participant)

    “As a participant, I found the content interesting, insightful and very important to the personal processing of my father concerns. As a therapist, the information given provides additional material to utilize in the counseling process to help others in their seeking help for their concerns.”


    "Impacted my daughter and I greatly."

    T. & T. Pitts | Aurora, CO (Workshop Participant)

    “This class has impacted my daughter and I greatly. Both my daughter & I both experienced serious rejection from our fathers and this class helped us come to grips with the feelings and emotions we were harboring and helped us to recognize some issues we both deal with currently as a result of fatherless issues. The greatest part was at the end a man that didn't hurt us himself, stood in the gap as representation of our own fathers and apologized on their behalves so we could begin our healing process. I recommend this workshop for any man or woman who may have not had a father or had a physically present but otherwise absent father- Let your healing begin!”


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    Video by Grip

    More Statistics on the Devastation of Absence Fathers in America

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