The Chubby Church Book 2 is for men and women who want victory in weight and eating frustration. Is that you?


    • Do you feel addicted to fatty, sugary, or salty foods?
    • Have you struggled to overcome obesity genetics?
    • Do you find it difficult to eat one serving size?
    • Are you riddled with negative thoughts about your body?

    In a loving tone with scriptural foundations, practical strategies, and well-researched insights The Chubby Church Book 2 is sure to bring weight and eating victory!

    PRE-ORDER - Expected Publish Date: 7-27-2020

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    Conquer the mountain of weight, eating, food, body image, and health problems in your life with this life changing book!


    The Chubby Church Book 1

    A Call to Break Free of

    Weight & Eating Bondage

    For MOMS

    For moms that may have some regrets from early in their experience as mothers, and are feeling the consequences in current relationships with their adult child.


    This book is a big hug for you! In this book I talk about the strategy your adult child needs in order for your relationship to repair.


    Instead of beating yourself up with guilt, feeling angry that your adult child has distanced him or herself, or worrying about seeing your grandchildren - Take Action. The book and workbook together pack a powerful strategy for taking back your lineage!

    Jendayi Harris

    Author, Speaker, Consultant, Coach


    Wholeness & Freedom

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    As a fatherless daughter, I had to really get humble and willing to change. My soul was devastated and I inherited a whole batch of disorders in thinking and being. In 2004, God called me on a fast for 41 days, to set me free from the “generational curses of my family”. Problem was... Continue reading.


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